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ID*TRUST Platform
The ID*TRUST Platform delivers compliance, privacy and reliable assurance of personal identity for eGovernment, Emergency Response, Physical Access, Citizens Benefits, Financial Systems, Healthcare and Interoperability . . . across multiple applications with multi-factor authentication.
  ID*TRUST Smart Card
The ID*TRUST Smart Card is a certified & biometrically enabled card designed to support multiple stakeholders on a single platform; eliminating fraud, misrepresentation and ID theft. Independent attribute containers and large memory make it the technical solution to privacy.
  Customer Profile
NextgenID is the prime contractor for the State of West Virginia PIV-I System.

Learn about the State of West Virginia’s successfully tested, implemented and certified PIV-I credentialing program which includes automated Multi-Biometric Enrollment.
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fr_video What is MBE Enrollment?
Learn how NextgenID’s Multi-Biometric Enrollment KIOSK integrates advanced ID technologies, biometrics, secure credential processes and an intuitive touch screen interface to transform, automate and simplify the complex and costly enrollment process.
  NextgenID® Partners
NextgenID® combines the innovation of NextgenID® LABS with the technical knowledge from a portfolio of industry leading partner companies for integration into the ID*TRUST Platform.

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