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NextgenID® is the leading provider of Trusted Identity Assurance, Management and Smart Card Credentialing solutions to State, Federal, DoD and Enterprise Commercial organizations. The NextgenID Trusted Identity Assurance & Management Ecosystem (The ID*TRUST Platform) is a certified, approved and actively deployed end-to-end system that specifically addresses enterprise identity compliance and management issues for PIV-I, PIV-C (CIV) and all smart card formats.

The NextgenID - ID*TRUST Platform directly addresses identity challenges at all levels throughout the cardholder and credential lifecycle including enrollment, adjudication, issuance, authorization, operational use and update through a secure certified managed service offering (MSO). The Platform combines people, process and technology to deliver a proven solution that has generated remarkable success at the enterprise level for State Government. Whereas many others, including some of the largest government contractors in the world with tremendous resources and virtually unlimited staff have failed, and are dissolving their smart card programs, NextgenID® has built a reputation for innovation, success and achievement in this space. Our success is predicated on having designed, implemented and currently managing the largest State Personal Identity Verification – Interoperable (PIV-I) credential program in the country, within the State of West Virginia.

The ID*TRUST Platform also delivers automated enterprise enrollment and card issuance capabilities for the physical and logical operational use of smart cards in EPACS systems.

NextgenID solutions address the challenges associated with reliably assuring personal identity for:
  • Two factor authentication for network authorization, eliminating the need for passwords on State networks
  • eGovernment and eHealthcare Initiatives
  • A State-wide (city, county, school) “ONE CARD” ID solution providing custom Time and Attendance tracking and reporting tools based on Agency requirements
  • ID Badge access and reporting for buildings & parking areas
  • Federal HSPD-12 Identity Compliance
  • Healthcare workers and suppliers ID and medical information on card
  • National, State and Local Emergency Response, Safety & Security Interoperability
  • Biometric Identification on the card
  • Multiple Citizens State Benefit Programs – contained within the smart card and accessible only by certified parties
  • State-wide & Agency-wide Streamlined Program Enrollment
  • Financial Systems Stability
  • Agency Interoperability with customized privacy measures
  • Customizable to support any State initiatives achievable via unique ID credential

NextgenID’s capabilities create a complete trusted identity assurance and management solution making NextgenID first to market and able to provide the full set of capabilities necessary for successful design, implementation, and management of a state-wide, federal agency-wide, or nation-wide identity assurance and management program.

NextgenID’s unique end-to-end capabilities include:
  • Implementing a proven platform for enrolling & managing Government issued identity cards
  • Mitigating all known privacy issues
  • Producing a trusted platform for multiple applications (with multiple layers of security)
  • Providing multi-factor card holder authentication (based on stakeholder requirements)

NextgenID’s proven ID*TRUST Platform delivers a cost effective approach that is designed to support multiple stakeholders on a single system. It avoids each Government agency from having to issue its own ID cards and eliminates identity fraud, curtails misrepresentation, and prevents identity theft. It provides biometrics and independent attribute modules making each issued card unique; adding a technical solution to the privacy challenge. With the implementation of the ID*TRUST Platform, additional initiatives such as eCommerce, eHealth, and eGov become viable to meet all current and known future Government security and identity mandates.

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