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Identity as a Service – A Custom Designed and Managed Identity and Certified Credentialing Program

City-wide : County-wide : State-wide : Agency-wide : Enterprise-wide

NextgenID® is a proven innovator in the State-wide and Homeland Security Identity Program space. The NextgenID® Team has successfully launched ID*TRUST Platform in the IDaaS (Identity as a Service) Management Model in States that are challenged with the infrastructure and trained resources necessary to implement a State-wide program on their own, but recognize the immediate and long term value of having the program running in their State.

Working as a team to generate requirements and plans of action with milestones for the Identity Program, NextgenID® will assist in the design while procuring materials and spearheading all implementation and project management activities including all required certifications, training and mandate compliance directives. The State program office, staffed by NextgenID®, will manage the entire technical and identity compliance infrastructure including security architecture, security system design, software development, system integration, documentation development, online customer support and training.

With the ID*TRUST Platform infrastructure in place delivering seamless interoperability, the ID*TRUST Smart Card can be used by the State in the following ways:
  • First Responder Credential
  • State ID card
  • State Insurance Card
  • Building Physical Access Card
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Emergency Medical Record
  • Veterans Administration ID card
  • WIC, SNAP, etc.
  • Hunting /Fishing License
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Prescriptions Card
  • DEA Issued Pharmacist Card
  • Computer Access Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Health Care Record Authentication Card
  • Licenses issued for special services and Certification
  • Medical Licensing Validation and
  • TSA Approved Credential for Law Enforcement.

The ID*TRUST Smart Card includes capabilities for personal identity and required attributes/roles established through various State stakeholders. The Card also contains all of the required elements for PIV‐I including identity, certificates, biometrics and digital signatures. Encryption is used for differential access to content, logical access, physical access and confidentiality.

Other capabilities of the smart card include a secure biometric match-on-card within a contact physical format (International Standards Organization [ISO] 7816), as well as contactless (ISO 14443) modality, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support and a contact modality for external application interface and support.


The ID*TRUST Platform provides and supports 3 factors of authentication through the following:
  • ID*TRUST Smart Card . . . (something you have – the physical token)
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) . . . (something you know – your secret: password)
  • Fingerprint Biometric . . . (something you are – left or right index fingers)
  • Digital Facial and/or Iris Images . . . (secondary biometric – manual verification of digital facial image to the card holder)

NextgenID® has a long history and competency in facial, fingerprint and iris biometrics. Face recognition and iris biometrics are beginning to realize a greater adoption rate due to recent advancements in the technologies, as well as an increased usage for watchlist and other applications. As these modalities gain even further market appeal, States selecting the the ID*TRUST Platform will be well positioned to take advantage of these technologies. Facial and Iris biometrics can be stored on the smartcard in secure attribute containers for extended biometric verification needs.

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