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BioAXSTM 9800-FR
Face plus Fingerprint Multi-Modal Access Control Solution

bioaxs_9800_frPatented Multi Biometric System
The BioAxs™ 9800-FR's patented multi-modal access control reader combines the power of multiple biometric credentials - facial and fingerprint recognition technologies with traditional access tokens such as cards and PIN producing a formidable and flexible access control platform for your secure facility
Facial Recognition and Verification in nearly all Lighting conditions
The 9800-FR employs an internal IR lighting array allowing facial verification to be successful in even in the most challenging of lighting environments including severe backlighting and 0-lux lighting conditions. Innovative hardware combined with industry leading facial processing algorithms combine to make the 9800-FR the industry leader in facial verification for access control.
Easy to Use Multi-Modal Authentication Solution
The 9800-FR can be configured to allow a layered, multi-credentialed, authentication protocol which allows your facilities to achieve the highest level of confidence in its secure access policies. The 9800 FR includes several built-in authentication protocols allowing for the selection of either ID only Identification Modes e.g. fingerprint only, card only, etc or ID-Plus Verification modes. For ID-Plus verification protocols, users identify themselves to the system by presenting a secure credential. Identifying credentials can include PIN, proximity cards, smart cards, fingerprints, etc*. Once a user has been identified, the system actively acquires facial biometrics for verification against a user's enrolled facial templates. Facial verification is typically near instantaneous and completes the authentication protocol. If for any reason the user's face biometric cannot be matched, either because it is an imposter or because of radical changes in user appearance, the user can alternatively verify via fingerprint verification.

*The 9800 FR can support a variety of traditional 3rd part card based media readers. Some card media may require optional equipment.
Stand Alone Capability
The 9800-FR is capable of functioning as a complete access control system. The optional secure side access power and latch control hardware combines with NextgenID's powerful Command Center Software allowing for the management of users, access groups, open access periods, holiday scheduling and more. Users can be granted access to a particular door during defined days and/or hours. User Groups can be created to assign the same door privileges to a large group of users (i.e., Lab A Technicians). All door events are logged for easy searching, viewing and reporting.
Integrates with Existing Access Controllers
The 9800 FR can act like a traditional access control reader for existing access control systems and can pass card information to the primary access controller via a variety of wiegand formats.
All Weather Options Available
The BioAxs™ 9800 is available in a all-weather model that can operate in most outdoor conditions. Down pour conditions can make fingerprint authentication extremely difficult as a user not carrying an umbrella will be unable to sufficiently wipe his or her finger semi-dry before authenticating. Most fingerprint readers cannot read prints through a significant layer of water. For unhindered performance, BioStation Outdoor mounting kiosks or a commercial awning will provide the necessary "dry zone" for users to wipe the moisture from their finger. Obviously, users prefer the amenity of an outdoor authentication spot protected from the elements. It is also available in an XTRM Model that can operate at extended temperatures.

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