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BIOassure - Biometric Image Optimization

The NextgenID® BIOassure Software enables image quality assessment and normalization functionalities for applications in biometric enrolment or matching. Image quality is essential for biometric performance, and using BIOassure will ensure the necessary quality and consistency to enable such applications. BIOassure image quality analysis is configurable to given standards such as the ICAO Standard (ISO/IEC 19794-5) for passport and ID card images. Additionally, BIOassure will process, or normalize an image any standard ICAO or custom image format. This can serve to effectively reduce costly image rejections where the original submitted image may not conform to the required standard.

vispro_ware_image_1BIOassure additionally includes tools for automated background replacement, such as would be used in creating images for laser engraving purposes. Automated tools are augmented by several manual enhancement options for background replacement, and also for characteristics such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, color balance, face size, and face position.
BIOassure Features:
  • Image Quality Analysis evaluates the following categories of image characteristics:
  • Eye detection confidence (eyes obscured by glasses, glare, hair or clothing)
  • Head rotation (3 dimensions)
  • Resolution (distance between the eyes in pixels)
  • Face Positioning (vertical and horizontal centering)
  • Face Size (as a relative percentage of image size)
  • vispro_ware_image_2Face brightness, sharpness, contrast, color balance
  • Glare or hot spots
  • Dynamic Range
  • Shadows (eye, face)
  • Background (brightness, consistency and shadows)
  • Image Format (colour/mono, colour space, colour depth)
  • Eyes (red eye, eyes closed)
in the form of a .dll or an ActiveX component for compatibility with a wide range of software development environments. In addition to the functional component, a graphical component provides a viewer and automatic display of the face and related landmarks.
Automated Functions:
  • Automatic face finding from single and multi-face images
  • Automatic eye landmark determination for each face
  • Eye landmark confirmation and manual override
  • Image resizing to specified number of pixels between the eyes
  • Automatic image rotating for optimal biometric sampling
  • Transformation of captured facial image to a specified canonical image format (full frontal, token or special custom image specifications)
  • Automatic cropping to specified requirements
  • Automatic background removal and tools for manual background editing if required

BIOassure Benefits:
  • Can be used to ensure image quality and consistency upon enrolment, thus increasing the performance of the face-matching solution
  • Can be easily integrated with existing biometric and security solutions
  • Provides developers total control of facial biometric image processing and handling
  • Architecture is flexible enough to accommodate current and emerging international standards for global exchange of facial biometrics as specified in ICAO DOC9303, and industry best practices
  • Creates images that are suitable for laser engraving as well as printing and encoding on RFID chips
  • Reduces rejections of submitted photos and the associated costs.

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