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Face Image Capture (FIC)

NextgenID® Face Image Capture (FIC) products are ruggedized self-contained biometric units that include high resolution cameras, lights , visualizers, internal networking components and internal software technology for image capture/processing and high quality verification. FIC solutions can be used for enrollment and verification applications.
NextgenID® FIC Units are designed to capture high quality face images suitable for printing on secure documents and for biometric comparison using face recognition technology. The FIC is available in two models - FIC-1 and FIC-2. The FIC-1 Series incorporates one light and one camera in an economical, compact footprint package. It contains a number of configuration options that allow customization to the resolution, field of view and installation requirements for specialized applications For application requirements that call for more even distribution of light over the face (than can be achieved with a single light source), the FIC-2 Series is the perfect solution. The FIC Units are designed to capture face images for biometric enrollment and identity verification in applications where the applicant is cooperative or semi-cooperative. FIC Units are available in a wide-range of megapixel camera resolutions and high definition lenses. To accommodate specialized product mounting requirements, extension supports are available for all FIC series Units.

fic_image_2The FIC 1 series comes as a standalone unit or on a base that can accommodate a 1, 2 or 10 print fingerprint capture unit on a tilting platform. The integral USB hub within the FIC provides for up to 4 external devices to be connected. fic_image_3These commonly include barcode reader, fingerprint scanner, signature capture device, document readers and smart card readers. The FIC can be packaged so that it is easily transportable for use in the field.

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