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Photo Capture Unit (PCU)

NextgenID® Photo Capture Unit (PCU) has been specifically designed to quickly capture passport sized photos at high resolution. The images captured from photos by the NextgenID® PCU are suitable for:
  • pcu_imageDirect Viewing
  • Visual verification
  • Printing
  • Laser Engraving on the Passport Data Page
  • Laser Engraving on the ID Card
  • Encoding on a Chip

The PCU permits photos to be automatically adjusted to ICAO standards using NextgenID® Vispro-ware. The NextgenID® PCU provides the capture resolution of a high end 800 dpi scanner in less than 4% of the time. Other photo capture devices such as card and passport readers may possess sufficient processing speed, but they are not able to provide the adequate image quality for passport, visa, National ID or other Secure ID issuance applications like the NextgenID® PCU can.
NextgenID® Photo Capture Unit Product Features Include:
  • Embedded Camera and LED Lights within an industrial strength housing
  • Platen Capture Area of 40 x60 mm (for 35 x 45 mm standard passport photo)
  • Image Capture greater than true 800 dpi (for true optical resolution resolving detail well above that available in a photograph)
  • Image Capture Speed <1 second (as opposed to standard high dpi scanner capture of 10-15 sec)
  • The NextgenID® Photo Capture Unit software API manages the interface between the PCU and the computer
  • The NextgenID® PCU software API controls the camera and the light within the PCU
  • Operator has a Live Display of the Image as it is being captured and adjusted
  • Images can be automatically adjusted for ICAO compliance with NextgenID®
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