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NextgenID® Variable Intensity Light Unit

The NextgenID® Variable Intensity Light Unit has been specifically designed to improve face recognition by the provision of supplemental light for face image capture. White visible light is used to capture true color images independent of the light intensity. Near IR lights are used to capture glare free monochrome images that are very effective for face identity verification. The units are sized for face image capture at up to 1.2m and are generally used in applications where the capture distance is 0.5m to 1m.

The reflector ensures that the light energy is transmitted and not absorbed within the light luminaire enclosure while the diffuser shapes the light to correspond to the expected capture zone. Long life and high reliability is assured by the use of high intensity LEDs. The Aluminum heat sink dissipates the heat generated by the LEDs and comes with a fan to enhance cooling if required.

The embedded microprocessor controls the light level ramp up and down rates and the light intensity and also provides the variable speed fan control, internal health monitoring and shutdown if temperature reaches threshold level.

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