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ID*Enroll KIOSK – Height Adjustable Multi-Biometric Enrollment
Virtual In-person Proofing Technology Capable

As a part of the ID*ENROLL line of products, the NextgenID® KIOSK is an highly automated, wizard driven enrollment and authentication KIOSK specifically designed for the secure capture of multiple biometrics and associated personal identity information. Its design and features were engineered to be the most sophisticated and feature rich kiosk in the world for all levels of identity assurance proofing and customer service use. This design delivers automation, speed, trust and security to the US Government’s smart card credential programs (PIV, PIV-I, PIV-C (CIV), TWIC, CAC and FRAC), as well as global and international identity initiatives requiring the most innovative and reliable credentialing methods on the market.

Further to its innovation, the NextgenID KIOSK has been integrated with the first and only Virtual In-person Proofing (VIP) capability in the Identity and Access Management market. VIP technology reduces cost, strengthens security and accuracy in addition to providing special services when needed by kiosk users. VIP provides a remote operator function as if they were standing in front of the kiosk directly servicing a user. VIP provides the necessary visual capabilities of the user, the surroundings, their documents and interactions with the kiosk.

Identity Management Solutions are critical foundations in today’s world that all begin with trusted enrollment. As a critical component of this solution, the ID*ENROLL KIOSK integrates with systems through a Web-Service interface specifically created to interface with third party systems.

Post enrollment, the KIOSK can provide secure activities such as smart card activations, re-enrollment and attribute associations to name a few. As such, the KIOSK can be configured to perform a number of different applications, transaction types and validation activities, all from the same unit.

The NextgenID KIOSK is multi-application capable and designed to operate free standing in any chosen enrollment location. It can operate in multiple modalities ranging from self-service, Virtual In-Person (VIP) operator, Local IN-Person (LIP) operator and supervised, and maintenance support.

The KIOSK facilitates the complete and accurate capture of all required personal identity documentation and includes a full complement of biometric capture support for face, fingerprint and iris. Regardless of requirement, the KIOSK has been engineered with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified (FIPS 201and 140) certified components to meet the highest DOD and Federal government standards requirements.

Built to accommodate a wide-range of custom configurations, the NextgenID KIOSK meets a wide-range of customer specific requirements without the need for redesign.

The KIOSK further provides the user with comfortable and efficient processing combined with a complete array of capture components that support any and all types of required enrollments coupled with an efficient integration of all components. It supports the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and comfortably accommodates all users regardless of special needs or height.

The KIOSK’s design is a revolutionary step forward in automation and human factors that eliminates multiple sources of error, inconvenience, cost, resources and negative user experiences. These include aspects such as enrollment time, environmental influences, data storage and transfer, data capture accuracy, operator and process related errors, technology integration and user convenience.

A Cross-Section of the KIOSK Design Specification include:
  • Reconfigurable and flexible to support a number of processes and services including multiple application capabilities, 3rd party product integration and value added service functions
  • High quality and automatic biometric image capture with automated quality checks against required standards
  • Height adjustability to ensure optimal biometric capture and serves for all users regardless of need or height. (Equality Act in UK, ADA in US and future requirements)
  • Secure and durable construction for public area use and long life in high traffic, high use areas
  • Ease of maintenance and support – easy access and simple component replacement
  • Complete security and privacy including IP video surveillance and black-box recording
  • Ease of use and administration with minimal training needed
  • High transaction speed for minimum processing and wait time – Best in the industry!
  • Customer branding and color scheme customization ready

Standard KIOSK components include:

  • Motorized lift that allows the kiosk height to be adjusted to accommodate each and every users personal requirements, as for example wheelchair bound people to people that are seven feet tall.
  • KIOSK main module that mounts on the lift and incorporates core components including lights and camera for face image capture, iris unit to capture both eyes, user and scene cameras; 19” touch screen monitor, microphone and speakers and provision for card readers; and keyboard, fingerprint scanners (2) and signature capture device, plus up, down and emergency stop controls. Internally the main module contains the computer, power-supplies and power distribution, USB distribution and the cable harnesses that interconnect devices and sensors.
  • Left Pod, beside the main module lower tray, incorporates a full-sheet page scanner for identity documents and/or additional information that can be up to 8 ½” wide by unlimited length long and two sided.
  • Right Pod, beside the main module tray, incorporates a passport scanner that also reads chip based ICAO compliant passports, contact and contactless smartcard reader and an insertion reader for convenient reading, scanning and authentication of driver’s licenses or similar ID’s. The scanner array provides the ability to capture ID-1, ID-2, ID-3 and any 8.5 inch x varied length document requirements.

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