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For well over a decade, Government organizations across the globe have been working towards a sustainable and interoperable trusted identity management framework for all government employees and citizens. Three critical obstacles have stood in the way of achieving this goal, (i) a strong identity of merit, (ii) scalable cryptographic security methods and frameworks, and (iii) the ability to enroll large populations of people seamlessly into ID Management/credentialing programs while ensuring and maintaining a high trust factor.

solutions_diagramThere are currently over 8,000 possible documents (known as Breeder Documents) in use throughout the nation, along with many allowable identity issuers and multiple enrollment processes available. State and Federal agencies continue to issue stand‐alone documents in increasing numbers with no interoperability whatsoever.

The most widely used identity document in the United States today is the state issued driver’s license. It offers a false sense of security due to the fact that this credential was originally issued as a permission to drive a vehicle with little thought to identity verification at the time of initial issuance. While the driver’s license does a good job of creating revenue for the issuing state, the lack of a rigorous test of identity at issuance and the relative ease with which bogus licenses can be obtained, highlight the problem of using the driver’s license as an identity credential. The addition of a photo to the driver’s license does little to enable a proper identity validation as it only shows an image suitable for visual comparison which experience shows is highly susceptible to error.

To further compound matters, a major issue to stakeholders in need of identity credentials is that of trust between identity credential systems. This is evident within state agencies let alone between neighboring states. One group’s acceptable methods to achieve successful registration and receipt of a credential is often far different from another’s. As such, no one entity trusts the credential of the other. This lack of trust continues to spawn additional costs, limited use and multiple identity credentials for each affected person.

To date, very few Identity Assurance and Management systems exist in the United States and ID challenges, including the following, remain prevalent:
  • Forged drivers licenses and birth certificates (top two identity credentials in use today)
  • False social security cards (recently removed as an identity breeder document)
  • Persons with multiple identities
  • Persons assuming identities of deceased citizens
  • Identity theft

The NextgenID®: ID*TRUST Platform is a Trusted Identity Assurance & Management (IAM) Ecosystem that was developed to specifically address the identity management challenges at both the technical and financial levels. The NextgenID®: ID*TRUST Platform combines people, process, and technology to deliver a solution that has generated remarkable success, where all others - including some of the largest government contractors in the world with tremendous resources and virtually unlimited staff - have failed.
The ID*TRUST Platform solves the challenges associated with reliably assuring personal identity for:
  • eGovernment
  • National Emergency Response, Safety & Security
  • Physical Access Control
  • Citizens Benefit Programs
  • Financial Systems Stability and
  • Interoperability, while ensuring that all known privacy concerns are addressed.

The ID*TRUST Platform delivers the right combination of capabilities including identity platform standards (physical card and digital content interoperability), security standards (ANSI, NIST, ISO, etc.), biometric standards (INCITS, ICAO, etc.) and advances in smart card technology (biometric match‐on‐card, and a large cryptographically compartmentalized memory with the ID*TRUST Smart Card).

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