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The ID*TRUST Smart Card: ONE card, Capable of Managing Data for all State-wide Programs

The ID*TRUST Smart Card is the key technical component to a State-wide “ONE card” system and a true PIV‐I certified compliant managed service run on the behalf of the State. The “ONE card” capability allows the elimination of the costs of issuing multiple identity cards for both physical and logical access and moving to a single trusted source card to reduce costs in various programs, eliminate fraud and abuse - resulting in resource utilization and in most cases revenue generation opportunities for the State.

As part of the ID*TRUST Platform, ID*TRUST Smart Cards are interoperable with Federal requirements and systems so a first responder’s credentials and access will not be bound by state borders. The ID*TRUST card has been part of numerous innovative “first of its kind” identity programs in the nation covering identity, attribute and validation management capabilities.

ID*TRUST Smart Cards are the key enabler that empowers the transformation of State business processes from transactions conducted face to face to transactions conducted and validated electronically using the Platform’s secure digital infrastructure and standards‐based technology. The end result is an identity service that:smartcard_diagram_1
  • Maintains the highest levels of assurance
  • Implements trusted identities to combat identity theft
  • Significantly reduces ID fraud in administering governmental services
  • Enhances privacy and confidentiality when conducting transactions
  • Improves the timeliness in delivering governmental services
  • Improves convenience to citizens in executing State administered transactions and
  • Reduces the cost of State operations in administering transactions

The ID*TRUST Smart Card’s identity compliance capabilities are based on the combined implementation of National Institute of Standards (NIST) ‐ Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201, General Services Administration (GSA) approved PIV‐I credentials, and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. As part of the ID*TRUST Platform, a State’s PIV‐I credentials become completely interoperable with Federal and DoD National Guard Personal Identification Verification (PIV) credentials and validation devices.

The NextgenID: ID*TRUST Platform is one of only ten US Government approved and certified to issue PIV‐I credentials, one of only two with an end‐to‐end system, and the only one with the ability to issue a single credential capable of multiple uses (a smarter card).

Shown below are examples of a few of the many capabilities of a State issued ID*TRUST Smart Card credential as part of the ID*TRUST Platform. Other participants utilizing the smart card credentials capabilities may include programs such as Registered Traveler, border crossing and commercial applications.

The ID*TRUST Smart Card’s Attribute Manager and Attribute Data Manager are two components of the ID*TRUST Platform that provide the ability to create attribute containers, place data and manage/place data within an attribute container. The Attribute Manager is used by the State Agency that controls the permission and creation of an attribute container for a given State entity that desires to place data onto a credential. The Attribute Data Manager is a package that is provided to entities that take ownership of an Attribute container so that they can package their required attribute data set and write it to each credential holder’s smartcard and then later retrieve the attribute container data for official uses.

NextgenID® has maximized the use of 2 and 3 factor authentication, digital signing, device and data encryption to protect privacy, user confidentiality, and the data integrity on digital transactions. This capability allows the company to offer the ID*TRUST Smart Credential Token to multiple form factors to include smart phones and tablets. The ID*TRUST Smart Credential Token can initially be issued for a single purpose application that can be configured for use in varied applications where a combination of identity verification and attributes bound to that single identity is electronically verified.

By choosing the ID*TRUST Smart Card, the technologies commonly associated to a smart card can now be enhanced and viewed as a “smarter Card” with expanded memory and data partitioning capabilities providing a high assurance mobile enclave where:
  • A personal unique identity can be established for global use, and validated through 1, 2 or 3 factor identification
  • Access to data and services associated with an individual’s attributes, permissions, roles and responsibilities can be confirmed
  • Separate secure encrypted Attribute Containers can be created to ensure business equality is maintained among different applications that are promoting business objectives.

As an example, a police officer obtaining driver’s license data from the card cannot obtain any other information stored on the card. To the police officer it is simply a driver’s license. This is true even though there are many other attribute containers housing personal data on the card. The ability to obtain attribute data is a function of ownership. Cryptography is the means used to protect these containers and firewall them off between one another.
The ID*TRUST Smart Card delivers immediate unique value based on:
  • A solution that supports multiple, cryptographically unique and firewalled Attribute Containers. Each container is a separate application or data store, with cryptography to assure no overlap or access from one to another. Issuer cannot read any Container ‐ other than their own
  • Biometric match on card tested and passed by NIST for both contact and contactless operation in under 1 second
  • The card and card body construction have been tested for FIPS 140‐2 and FIPS 201 both meeting the specifications for the Government Common Access Card (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV).
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