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When combined, NextgenID’s capabilities, knowledge, and resources create a complete trusted Identity Assurance and Management (IAM) Ecosystem for the customer. NextgenID is the only identity infrastructure company able to provide the full set of capabilities necessary for successful design, implementation and management of a state‐wide, federal agency‐wide or nation‐wide identity assurance and management program with unique end‐to‐end capabilities including:
  • Implementing a proven process that turns a State issued identity card into a partnership between State, Federal, and commercial stakeholders
  • Mitigating all known privacy issues
  • Producing a trusted platform for multiple applications (with multiple layers of security)
  • Providing a multi‐factor card holder authentication (based on stakeholder requirements)
  • Delivering automated and cost effective enrollment for even the largest and most complex enterprises

This best‐in‐class trusted identity assurance and management ecosystem delivers a cost effective approach that is designed to support multiple stakeholders on a single platform. It avoids each Government agency from having to issue its own ID cards and eliminates identity fraud, curtails misrepresentation and prevents identity theft. The Platform’s ID*TRUST Smart Card provides biometrics and independent attribute containers making each issued smart card unique; adding a technical solution to the privacy challenge. With the implementation of the ID*TRUST Platform, additional initiatives such as eCommerce, eHealth and eGovernment become viable and secure while meeting all current and future Government security and identity mandates.

In addition to the unique market capabilities of the Platform’s ID*TRUST Smart Card, the Platform’s biometric‐based enrollment system, known as the Multi Biometric Enrollment (MBE) KIOSK is also a best‐in‐class offering that solves the daily challenges associated with enrolling thousands of card holders into a structured identity program. This is an on‐site task which traditionally has required trained manpower and mountains of cumbersome paperwork.

The MBE KIOSK incorporates a self‐contained biometric enrollment station, a portal for data distribution, and an effective chain of trust from the capture point through distribution to the subscribing systems. As an example, the enrollment of applicants is one of three primary functions to be conducted at a State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. The process begins when an applicant arrives at the area DMV location with their personal identification documents required by the State (commonly referred to as “Breeder Documents”).
The ID*TRUST Platform’s MBE KIOSK automated enrollment system:
  • Captures linked biographical identity information stored on remote databases and provides the ability to confirm identity information
  • Captures facial image, fingerprints, iris and signature biometrics and confirms that the captured images comply with applicable quality criteria and standards
  • Immediately encrypts all personally identifiable information (PII) captured during enrollment
  • Captures and automatically checks validity of breeder documents regardless of any physical format (cards, passport, letter and legal size documents), contact and contactless smart cards data and other documents suitable for scanning. Process also includes automatic validity checking of Driver’s License and Passport breeder documents to ensure authenticity
  • Transfers encrypted transaction information from the KIOSK to a secure portal through a very robust chain of trust mechanism and once receipt is confirmed, enrollment transaction data on the KIOSK is deleted. No PII is ever stored locally on the KIOSK
  • Provides a complete chain of trust from the point of capture of personal information through delivery to the subscribing agency
  • Incorporates the only video proofing capability in the enrollment market today to perform compliant enrollments of applicants remotely, minimizing on‐site staffing needs and taking a fraction of the time to enroll

The biggest drivers for the ID*TRUST Plaftorm include the use and implementation of trust standards established by the Federal Government originated by Homeland Security Presidential Directive‐12 (HSPD‐12) and the many approved/required NIST standards focused on FIPS 140 and FIPS 201. These high assurance identity standards and processes enable ANY organization to trust the origin of the credential and the process used to establish an identity of merit. This is the single most important factor that is needed for interoperability. Without this, no entity can trust how and what is done to establish an identity to an acceptable standard. This ensures not only an understanding of the level of trust but also that of the process of ensuring that trust. The ID*TRUST Platform delivers interoperability between parties using mature and established interfaces for both contact and contactless uses.

The ID*TRUST Platform is not simply a product; rather, it includes a set of policies, processes, procedures, and supporting technologies, implemented as a solution for maintaining an individual’s complete set of identity information, spanning multiple business and application contexts. Identity management unifies a person’s disparate identity data to improve data consistency, data accuracy, and data and systems security in an efficient manner. A proper system federates identity but allows privileges and data to be local elements and events specific to local control. Robust identity management requires both integration of technologies as well as coordination with the IT and business processes surrounding the management of user information, access rights, and related policies.

Identity management has successfully thrived amid IT and business change precisely because of its composite nature and multiple benefits. Implementation of the ID*TRUST Platform helps extend business services, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and allows for better governance and accountability.

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