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NextgenID's BIOwatch enables our customers to capture faces and identify those that are in the watch list system. The capture is done at a distance and can be cooperative or non-cooperative, overt or convert. BIOwatch is usually a separate system operating in conjunction with a traditional surveillance security system.

fls_image_1The NextgenID® BIOwatch is a comprehensive set of applications that perform image processing, watchlist enrollment, watchlist lookout, face finding and matching from still images, recorded video and live camera feeds. The BIOwatch generates advance-warning alerts to indicate the presence of persons of interest and hence provides an overall enhancement to an organizations security infrastructure.
A breakdown of the NextgenID® BIOwatch and its support application components:
  • NextgenID® WatchList enrollment BIOwatch support application
  • Single image, bulk enrollment from live or stored video capture
  • Perform matching against 10 watchlists simultaneously
  • Set separate matching thresholds per list
  • NextgenID® FaceFinder BIOwatch support application
  • From photos, stored video, live video
  • Real-time tracking
  • Multiple faces per frame
  • Capable of capturing moving persons
  • NextgenID® FaceViewer BIOwatch support application
  • NextgenID® BIOwatch logging and reporting
  • System monitoring with view of live images being captured
  • Side by side view of images in WatchList database vs. live images - once a match is made


The BIOwatch could be looking for persons of interest that you wish to exclude such as criminals or terrorists. However, it can equally be used to look for persons of interest such as VIPs that you wish to include and provide alerts so that they get special or enhanced treatment.

Successful BIOwatch implementations depend on capturing high quality images in sometimes challenging environments. This requires the right cameras and lenses, positioned for effective image capture with supplemental lighting as appropriate. NextgenID® will provide the cameras, lighting and expertise to ensure that your BIOwatch applications is successful.
The NextgenID® BIOwatch Process:
  • fls_image_2Cameras capture live video. These images may contain several people at one time in addition to landscape or architecture and other unusable information.
  • The BIOwatch detects faces from the live video and crops faces out of each video frame.
  • The cropped faces are compared and matched to face images in the watch lists. Watch lists are created from existing photos or live camera images.
  • A central security operator is alerted of found matches by the BIOwatch - in real time, and confirms the match.
  • Event alerting based on the match can be created either automatically or by the security operator and are sent to the proper Security Officers or Field Personnel, based on level of threat.
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