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      NextgenID Corporate Profile

      NextgenID State Government Identity Credential & Management Solutions

ID*Trust Solutions
      IDaaS: Managed Credentials for Local & State Emergency Responders

      Healthcare Utilizing Trusted Identity Credentials

      Multi-Modal Biometric Enrollment MBE KIOSK

      Multi-Modal Biometric Enrollment MBE JumpKit

      Identity Credentialing Systems

      Face Image Capture (FIC)

      Photo Capture Unit

      Variable Intensity Light Unit

      BIOassure - Biometric Image Optimization





      BioAxs™ 9700: Installation Manual

      BioAxs™ 9700: Installation F&Qs

      BioAxs™ 9750: Install and Operations Manual

      BioAxs™ 9800-FR: Install and Operations Manual

      BioAxs™ 9800-IR: Install and Operations Manual

      BioAxs Enrollment Primer

Additional Documents

      System Administration and User Guide

      Command Center Software Prerequisites

      Typical Wiring Diagram

      Wiring Circuit Sketch

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