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NextgenID® Biometric Intelligence Products

Biometrics has been defined as the automated recognition of behavioral and physiological characteristics of an individual. NextgenID® Labs is the product research and development team responsible for solving the daily challenges associated with the creation, deployment and proper use of biometric products through the advancement of face, iris, hand geometry and fingerprint-based biometric intelligence. The result is a suite of effective and practical, low-fault, biometric products that deliver the most valuable biometric intelligence for our customers in the industry.

NextgenID® is a market-driven company. NextgenID® Labs focus on the development of hardware and software biometric solutions and associated business processes aimed at solving specific real-world identity, security, reliability and operational issues.

NextgenID® products have three common factors that contribute to their industry leadership year after year:
  • The highest performance rates in the industry (our products work)
  • The fastest throughput in the industry (our products work fast)
  • The most appealing, appropriately sized and tightly integrated hardware in the industry (functionally, ergonomically, architecturally and aesthetically correct)

Through improved operational performance, optimized capture processes, ergonomic system design, and quick enrollment and recognition times, users of NextgenID® products become comfortable with the system very rapidly. This delivers a faster time-to-benefit to the end-user versus competing products and delivers value through high user adoption and performance rates. High user adoption rates increase system productivity, return on investment and overall security goals. All this while lowering human errors and organizational risk.

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NextgenID® Professional Services

All NextgenID products are fully supported by NGID Professional Services, Training and Maintenance. Our Professional Services team can provide certified installation and integration on all NGID hardware, software and firmware projects. This includes custom development and field customization for individual operating locations. Using a holistic approach, NGID assesses your entire identity landscape and determines the requirements for meeting your objectives. The Team then defines a multi-faceted strategy for implementing a flexible and scalable solution that evolves with your organization's dynamic environment. The NGID Professional Services process goes far beyond basic installation and systems integration. Our team of experts assist in every aspect of project and program support throughout the entire lifecycle. The NGID process includes:

Strategic Assessment: Using a holistic approach, we assess your business environment, operations and identity challenges. We then determine the best and most cost effective course of action and strategize with your internal team on how to seamlessly implement the solution into your organization.

Technology Platform: Utilizing the power of the NGID*Trust Platform, we leverage years of industry experience and relationships with best-of-breed technology, security and identity partners and recommend the best technologies for your infrastructure. Supporting your immediate requirements while evolving with you into the future is our primary goal.

Strategy Finalization: Once your technology solution has been selected, we define a rough order of magnitude for budgetary funding requirement purposes. We then develop a mutually agreeable project plan with timeline and, if necessary, provide you with guidance on options for contract vehicle.

Once the strategy has been defined, NGID's seasoned team of identity specialists and engineers devise a solution based on your objectives. We develop comprehensive technical designs and documentation demonstrating the software, hardware and infrastructure of your system.

NGID designs identity solutions that operate seamlessly within the environments that they are intended to secure. We rigorously assess, analyze, strategize, refine, implement, test and evaluate each solution we create. We make certain the solutions we deploy are continuously working properly and achieving our clients’ ongoing identity objectives.

Implementation Phase:

In this phase, NGID manages the sophisticated integration requirements and the demands of complex enterprise identity installations. Our project managers oversee all aspects of the project, including the authority to task the engineering department, procure materials, and allocate personnel resources as required. They manage critical milestones, like order management, material delivery schedules, manpower loading requirements, and ultimately, the successful completion of the project within the established schedule and budget. They also interact regularly with key internal management. This ensures that our project managers shepherd the deployment of your solution smoothly through to completion.

Beyond the physical installation of your system, NGID believes it is equally important to provide you with a complete understanding of your system post turnover. To that end, we walk you through a complete system checkout and create and deliver a customized training program complete with documentation, tailored to your specific needs.

As your long-term identity partner, NGID will create a custom support plan based on all the information derived from your team. From maintenance, ongoing training and change management, we are committed to securing your investment for years to come.

Our support services include:
  • Product and system support
  • Ongoing preventive maintenance
  • Refresher training to address any changes in identity mandates
  • Insight into any changes in NIST, FIPS or OMB requirements
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