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Government Identity Solutions

Government agencies are on the front lines of the battle against 21st-century security threats and the challenges they face are daunting. Agencies need to meet stringent new federally mandated security requirements, and implement new, far-reaching security infrastructures - quickly and cost effectively - while being careful to preserve personal privacy. Biometrics allows agencies to overcome many of the challenges associated with secure authentication, identification, access control, data transmission and information management. NextgenID® Biometric Intelligence products provide the ideal biometric solutions to help mitigate risks associated with securing vulnerable assets and facilitates.

NextgenID® biometric face-recognition, lookout-detection and identification technologies combine to provide governments an unprecedented ability to enhance security and deliver an improved level of safety by controlling access to sensitive facilities.
NextgenID® packages all its biometric technologies in flexible and easy-to-deploy solutions for government agencies to address some of their most pressing security needs.
Military and defense assets and facilities are among the most worrisome security threats. From sensitive electronic systems to nuclear/biological weapons facilities, no greater security threat exists than those associated with military and national defense. NextgenID® facial-recognition, lookout-detection and identification technologies provide military and national defense facilities with greater security and protection of sensitive facilities, information, property and service personnel. NextgenID® technologies are also ideal for deploying biometric, machine-readable ID issuance systems. By deploying multi-biometric solutions, governments can effectively "lock down" the most sensitive military and defense facilities and systems.
Government agencies have long been responsible for issuing many forms of identification from driver's licenses to Social Security cards. And many of those forms of ID are being exploited and compromised today. NextgenID® technologies can quickly and accurately check the identity of an applicant and confirm whether or not the applicant is on a list of persons to be denied a passport or identification document. NextgenID® solutions also detect identity fraud when an applicant attempts to acquire a passport or identification document using a false identity or fake identification credentials. Specific solutions currently offered address the unique issuance needs for passports, visas , national ID cards , driver's licenses, government agency identification and national healthcare cards.
Since the advent of HIPPA, security and the safeguarding of patient data has become the leading business requirements for healthcare organizations. NextgenID® biometric solutions provide added safeguards that go far beyond traditional user-IDs and passwords for accessing and storing sensitive patient information and medical records. NextgenID® technologies are also ideal for securing access to sensitive areas, increasing patient facilitation, reducing patient fraud and issuing national health credentials for individuals. By utilizing NextgenID® face-recognition and fingerprint-authentication solutions, government agencies overseeing the healthcare industry can meet stringent new security requirements quickly and cost-effectively.
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