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Homeland Security Solutions

NextgenID® biometric solutions enhance homeland security for secure credentialing, border control, access control and face recognition based surveillance all in a manner that ensures the security and privacy of the personal information.

NextgenID® Solutions are designed specifically to operate in today's fast-paced, high-risk environments, NextgenID® Biometric Intelligence products can be combined to protect a wide range of critical infrastructures and key assets, such as:
  • Ports of National Entry and Exit
  • Land, Sea, Air and Rail Transportation Routes and Locations
  • Nuclear, Electrical and other Power Facilities
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Communications Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Federal Government Buildings, Closed Areas, Property and Facilities
  • Military Bases and SCIF Facilities
  • National Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources (CIKR) Protection

NextgenID® biometric products can be combined to provide a number of scalable Homeland Security solutions to secure borders, identify threatening persons and improve national security through real-time risk management and departmental system interoperability.
NextgenID® delivers comprehensive solutions that meet the United States Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) mandate, which stipulates that all government employees and contractors must be verified by rapid, two-factor electronic verification when accessing federally controlled networks and facilities. NextgenID® products enable rapid and reliable security badge enrollment with accurate checkpoint identification via facial biometrics while their fingerprint-based biometric products provide a secondary fingerprint validation for added security.
FIPS 201
The Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201) outlines standards for the personal identity verification of federal employees and contractors. NextgenID® facial biometric systems meet the architecture and technical requirements for this common identification standard for federal employees and contractors by efficiently verifying the claimed identity of individuals seeking physical access to federally controlled facilities and electronic access to government information systems (convergence).
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has accepted facial biometrics as the global standard for machine-assisted identity authentication. NextgenID® solutions meet these new global standards and enable authorities to improve their border clearance cabilities by integrating facial biometric identification technologies with watch-list database comparisons and travel document checks to significantly enhance, expedite and secure the inspection process.
NextgenID® face-recognition products can be utilized to improve security and passenger facilitation at any airport by combining advanced warning lookout capabilities with biometric-empowered travel/ID document processing technology. The NextgenID® Face Lookout System's advanced warning capability can identify watch-list suspects even in large, fast-moving crowds and immediately notify border clearance personnel of their approach.
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