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Face Recognition for the Hospitality Industry

The NextGenID® Face Recognition System for the Hospitality Industry (FR4H) is designed to assist hospitality industry operators to automatically recognize important clients and visitors, in order to facilitate the highest service level at required service delivery point. The FR4H solution consists of hardware and software sub-systems to support three primary operational components:
  • Image Capture and Face Processing (ICFP)
  • Branch Lookout System (BLS)
  • Central Lookout System (CLS)

The FR4H system identifies important clients and visitors with ICFP Cameras at the point of contact (usually building or business entry) or point of sale and delivers key information on customer preferences such as:
  • Favorite food, drink or desert
  • Dislikes or food allergies
  • Seating preference
  • Birthday or Anniversary
  • Recent complaints,
or other customer-centric information that can be used to enhance the total customer experience. Integration of the FR4H solution is seamless. All necessary external interfaces are performed through web services. FR4H is modular and scalable to accommodate any combination of (or number of) cameras, image gallery size, matching throughput and matching speeds.

FR4H Architecture
The FR4H is built on a modular architecture platform. Each of the three modules that make up the FR4H solution are described below.
Image Capture and Face Processing (ICFP) Module
NextgenID's ICFP module captures high quality, high resolution images, then finds and extracts the true face-print from the images for facial biometric matching in real-time. Each ICFP module consists of:
  • A high resolution camera, generally a mega-pixel monochrome camera, with appropriate lens and an enclosure suited to wall of ceiling mounting
  • An infrared light source, to provide the right amount of light for cameras to capture faces in their field of view. Light should be suitable for supplementing ambient light with wall or ceiling mount bracket
  • A software license for:
    • Camera control
    • Face finding
    • Face tracking
    • Landmark finding
    • Face image cropping
    • Face image quality checking
    • Face image enrollment for face recognition and a computer system for real time image extraction and processing with enclosure.

Branch Lookout System (BLS) Module
The BLS module matches the images from up to 12 ICFPs and provides the match results to the local application and the Central Lookout System. The BLS module consists of:
  • A software license for the NextGenID BIOwatch, which provides fully configurable face recognition against one or multiple watch list image databases
  • A remote lookout "hit-viewer" to provide match results filtered by time and/or camera node
  • A software license to allow for remote update of database watch-list
  • A software license for the set-up and update of ICFP and BLS module computer functions
  • A computer system, as required to meet client computing and network environment.

Computers may be provided by the integrator or the end customer in some instances.
Central Lookout System (CLS) Module
The CLS module provides the software and computing environment to support multiple BLS modules for:
  • Building multiple, selectable database watch-lists from live or file source images and then incorporating image quality analysis to ensure face recognition compatibility
  • Remote viewing of lookout "hit-viewer" and filtering hits by time, camera node or branch
  • Set-up and maintenance of each BLS and ICFP module
  • Face recognition performance monitoring and reporting
  • Health alerts for the associated equipment at the CLS, BLS and ICFP levels of the system.
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