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Law Enforcement Solutions

The law enforcement community has been at the forefront of identity matching technologies for decades. At every step in the suspect/perpetrator/prisoner handling process there is a need to validate and identify persons quickly and accurately. Thus, law enforcement agencies have always been looking for ways to use the latest technologies to improve their processes.

NextgenID® Biometric Intelligence Solutions for facial recognition represent the next generation of identity management for law enforcement by providing the tools law enforcement agencies need to accurately identify suspects in custody, quickly book and process prisoners, and avoid costly and potentially dangerous identity mismatches at release.

NextgenID® BIOcheck can be used to support the investigation process by capturing face images from still photos or video, extracting faces, processing the images for optimal matching, matching them against other images on the case or to external image databases and providing the tools to visually assess potential matches.

NextgenID® BIOassure - Biometric Image Optimization software components provide essential image normalization and defect cleanup to deliver the image quality and resolution required for effective biometric face recognition. NextgenID® software, deliver Biometric Intelligence with high confidence real-time matches against image databases to properly locate and identify a suspect.

NextgenID® solutions for law enforcement agencies are fully scalable to accommodate the smallest to the largest booking, mug shot and prisoner facilitation management requirements.
NextgenID® solutions can detect identity fraud when a person attempts to provide a false identity or fake identification credentials. NextgenID® solutions enable law enforcement personnel to check a person's biometric facial image against an entire on-file database to confirm a person's identity and uncover any alternate aliases in the database. NextgenID® software can also be used by law enforcement agencies to scrub (normalize) existing image databases to find unknown duplicates or aliases, improve overall identity matching, and reduce identity errors.
NextgenID® solutions come with pre-defined image templates and communications tools which make distributing alias and image information to field agents quick, easy and accurate.
NextgenID® solutions provided faster and more accurate prisoner enrollment and processing procedures by confirming a suspect's identity, eliminating aliases, and locating records belonging to an individual as determined by their unique facial characteristics. NextgenID® biometric cameras capture higher-resolution images during prisoner processing and NextgenID® software technology reduces image errors at enrollment. This proven process improves overall image database quality, reduces identity mis-matches over time, and makes alias detection much easier for law enforcement professionals.
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