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Private Industry Solutions

Privacy issues, identity theft, access and facility security, secure transaction processing, and protecting network communications are challenges the private industry faces every day. NextgenID® Biometric Intelligence provides solutions to assist Security Officers in mitigating the risk associated with protecting critical business assets, proprietary information, critical customer data, employees and operational facilities - for private industry.

NextgenID® face-recognition and identification technologies combine to provide private organizations with the technology to enhance facility security, building access, customer identification, identity verification, and combat identity fraud with accurate, non-invasive biometric solutions.

NextgenID® Biometric Intelligence solutions deliver new levels of customer service, customer relationship management and advanced knowledge of patron preferences by service industry staff. These technologies deliver both business intelligence and security value to a broad range of businesses - where restricting access to valid customers is critical or where improved customer service can be realized through easy-to-use, self-service delivery machines and non-invasive facial recognition technologies.

NextgenID® biometric identification technologies provide service businesses an unprecedented ability to enhance security and deliver an improved level of safety for personnel and patrons. Capable of performing identification checks discreetly of multiple subjects from a distance, NextgenID® solutions do not require a subject's active participation. The systems are ideal for providing access to facilities or attractions to valid patrons and personnel using accurate, non-invasive biometric technologies.
With NextgenID® Biometric Intelligence products, private industries can protect their mission-critical facilities, information and data systems from intrusion and access by unauthorized persons.
With incidents of identity theft on the rise, businesses are under new pressure to secure data centers and databases that house millions of transaction records and account details. NextgenID® biometric facial identification solutions provide approved personnel secure access to server rooms, technology and data centers. Confidential systems and workstations within data centers can also be safeguarded with NextgenID® fingerprint biometric identification technology - adding an additional layer of security.
Controlling access to sensitive areas and systems is a priority. As businesses integrate systems and facilities and reorganize personnel, the need to maintain centralized access authority is greater than ever. NextgenID® biometric facial identification solutions provide business facilities the ability to provide enhanced security by controlling access to restricted areas to customers and personnel who are biometrically verified against an identification database. NextgenID® technology can increase the level of protection in business facilities by limiting access to confidential physical areas, systems and workstations to approved personnel only. NextgenID® enterprise access biometric technologies integrate with corporate-wide directories such as Microsoft® Active Directory®, simplifying deployment so IT personnel can keep up with the pace of corporate growth, mergers and acquisitions.
Biometric technology secures automated financial transactions beyond traditional password and log-in mechanisms that can often be compromised by today's sophisticated criminals. NextgenID® Biometric KIOSKS provide increased security for self-service transactions by using multi-modal biometric identification to verify a client's unique identity, using multiple biometric points. For online transactions, biometric finger recognition technology is an ideal solution for enabling secure transactions and countering fraud.
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