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Customer Profile - The State of West Virginia

Nowhere is the power of NextgenID and its ID*TRUST Platform™ solution more evident than in the State of West Virginia (WV) where the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management awarded a contract to develop a Personal Identity Verification – Interoperable (PIV‐I) credential system, to be deployed initially for State First Responders (FRAC) and then migrate to a much broader, statewide program that will provide other user benefits. This contract, is being performed by NextgenID as the Prime Contractor. The two primary deliverables on this contract are a single “one card” system and a PIV‐I certified managed service run on the behalf of the state. The “one card” use case transitions the state from the practice of issuing separate cards for physical access, logical access, and identity to a single trusted source card that provides all of these functions resulting in reduced issuance costs in various programs and, because of the identity of merit contained on the “one card,” the ability to eliminate identity based fraud and abuse, resulting in significant monetary savings for the state.


The contract also involves working with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to ensure that the system and cards are interoperable with Federal requirements and systems so a first responder’s credentials and access will not be bounded by state borders.

The WV contract includes the full NextgenID ID*TRUST Platform™. It provides an identity service that is very high in assurance, implements trusted identities to combat identity theft, significantly reduces identity fraud in administering governmental services, enhances privacy and confidentiality when conducting transactions, improves the timeliness in delivering governmental services, improves convenience to citizens in executing State administered transactions, and reduces the cost of State operations in administration of State transactions under the governance of the State of WV.

The ID*TRUST Platform™ in WV is based on the combined implementation of National Institute of Standards (NIST) ‐ Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201, General Services Administration (GSA)‐ approved PIV‐I credentials, and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. The State’s PIV‐I credentials are completely interoperable with Federal and DoD National Guard Personal Identification Verification (PIV) credentials and validation devices. The NextgenID ID*TRUST Platform™ is one of only ten systems approved by the US Government and certified to issue PIV‐I credentials, one of only two with a complete end‐to‐end system, and the only one with the ability to issue a single credential capable of multiple uses.

NextgenID has maximized the use of 2 and 3 factor authentication, digital signing, and device and data encryption to protect privacy, user confidentiality, and the data integrity on digital transactions. With an appropriate follow-on contact, this capability could transition the smart credential token to multiple form factors including smart phones and tablets.

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