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When it comes to supporting customers, it's quality that makes the difference. Our dedicated customer and technical support engineers are industry professionals with backgrounds in security, identity, FIPS compliance, biometrics, software and hardware development. NextgenID's investment in the right technical talent delivers shorter resolution times and more effectively addresses your support issues and change requests. NextgenID® support engineers are centrally located with our NextgenID® LABS team and development organization, to ensure a collaborative approach to support. NextgenID® support combines live telephone support, online assistance and documentation, dynamic product updates, remote maintenance, and much more.

NextgenID® support offers significant benefits, including:

  • Staff with expert knowledge of security, identity, FIPS compliance, biometrics, software and hardware solutions; eliminating the need to go to multiple support sources for resolution
  • A dedicated team approach to addressing current patches, signature updates, changes and enhancements
  • Extended service hours for NextgenID® maintenance plan customers and Certified Dealers
  • Remote maintenance services that help customers with limited resources maintain NextgenID® installations to ensure maximum benefit
  • Ongoing website updates and product communication bulletins that provide teams with direct access to the latest information directly from NextgenID

For fastest service, or for more information on NextgenID® support levels, maintenance agreements, product warranties and return policies, please email the
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