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Identity Services

NextgenID's powerful software boosts productivity and streamlines identity management processes while ensuring compliance with the highest security and privacy standards. Our interactive software is highly customizable and can integrate with your systems to create a user experience that quickly adapts to your specific workflows.

Identity Starts Here™
Efficient Utilization of Identity Platform

NextgenID aspires to make high assurance the de facto standard for identity proofing across all verticals. To facilitate this, NextgenID is working with industry leaders and partners on building an extensive network of identity stations in commercial, and public spaces around the globe to allow users and technology providers to provide their users with a customized ID experience.

as a Service (IDaas)

IDaas is suitable for organizations and agencies that want to implement high-assurance identity programs without incurring the costs of building their physical infrastructure. Users can access NextgenID's rapidly growing partners network of commercially deployed Identity Stations by using Identity as a Service from NextgenID. This allows users to deploy their identity programs quickly with no upfront costs.

Rapid Onboarding

Deploy your identity platform using our high-powered web service to allow your identity workflows to use biometric and biographical captures.

Frictionless Deployment

Save on the capital outlay associated with infrastructure deployment through NextgenID's rapidly growing partner network of identity stations. NextgenID's IDaaS is offered through a cost-efficient transactional model that saves our clients time and money.

Compliant Technology

NextgenID's Trusted Identity Platform and our line of hardware and software were designed around 18 patents and comply with NIST SP800-63-3 for Identity Assurance Level 3 (IAL3) identity enrollment and proofing over the remote supervised operation.

How it Works

NextgenID's Trusted Identity Platform provides a tailored, out-of-the-box payload delivery (Raw SDK, API, Web sockets) at multiple levels. We have developed a suite of ideal services for organizations with limited capital and IT infrastructure. NextgenID Identity as a Service provides your organization's tools to deploy and manage an entire, enterprise-scale identity program.

Customizable Workflows

The ability to integrate data from multiple biometric APIs opens up many new applications and business processes. This can be accomplished by using our web services platform to view your entire workflow in one dashboard.

Compliant Peripherals

All biometric and biographical devices onboard our identity stations are top-of-the-line peripherals that have been hand-picked to meet the highest compliance standards and certifications.

SRIP Enabled

Our Identity Stations are designed to support identity enrollment and proofing operations at all assurance levels (IAL1, IAL2, IAL3) over Supervised Remote-Identity Proofing.

Private and Secure (No Data Stored)

None of the user's data is stored on the identity station, and the deployed workflows operate with complete data separation and privacy.

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Partner Network
Technology Augmentation

We believe innovation is a collaborative effort, so we built our platform to allow identity technology providers to seamlessly augment their software and applications as abstraction layers on top of workflow and tenant-specific operations, enhancing the identity experience of our tenants and their users. Any identity developer can have their software certified to be offered to any of the tenants on the NextgenID network of identity stations that are running identity workflows.

Access to Tenant Network

Join the network of NextgenID's rapidly growing identity station partners and allow any government or commercial client the ability to use your identity software.

Accelerate your Growth

You can expand your reach to our growing tenant base and geographic coverage by joining NextgenID's deployed Trusted Identity Platform.

Secure Technology

The NextgenID Trusted Identity Platform operates on a highly secure and separated network that runs high assurance identity operations in compliance with the highest market standards.

Partner with NextgenID

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Thought Leaders Working with Regulators

At NextgenID, we have over one hundred years of combined experience and expertise in the identity space, and our powerful solutions and stations reflect our deep knowledge and commitment to excellence.

We are proud to be the leader in adopting the new NIST standard for Supervised Remote In-Person/Identity Proofing.

01  Federal Government certified credential issuer/provider government services Administration (GSA) registered and certified issuer of PIV-I credentials

02  Federal Bridge Certified Certification Authority Issuer of low (commercial) to high assurance (PIV-I) certificates
03  3-year effort - Reference model and subject matter experts to NIST SP 800-63-3 and federal and common policies adoption and approval

04  Hosting - Department of the Treasury Authorization to Operate (ATO), NextgenID Certificate, and Credentialing Managed Service Facility

Benefits and Values

We modernize, improve, and deliver digital credentials faster, accurately, and more securely than legacy methods. Our technologies are engineered to dramatically reduce the time and cost of capturing accurate data when creating a high-assurance digital identity.

High Assurance

End-to-end trusted Identity Assurance Levels 1-3 (IAL1 IAL2 IAL3) customizable identity solutions.

High-end security

Hardware and location monitoring, full encryption capabilities, zero data stored on location.

Patented Technology

Our catalog of hardware stations and software platforms is built on 18 issued patents.

Custom Solutions

Comprehensive, customizable, extensible, standards-compliant, and future-proof technologies.

Rapid Onboarding

Web services for rapid deployment of Identity, Authentication, and 3rd-party services.

Efficient Deployment

Reduce operational expenses, centralize critical functions, capitalize on public key infrastructure, share services.

How to Buy
Tailored Procurement

NextgenID offers multiple models for the use and deployment of its Trusted Identity Platform. Whether you need our full suite of products and services or a customized subset that matches your identity requirements, NextgenID offers procurement models that are tailored to each individual customer.

Private Deployment

Suitable for organizations and agencies that wish to deploy high assurance identity programs within a closed environment, whether it’s on premise or cloud deployment in private or public locations. NextgenID offers its solution in part or as a full suite.

Shared Deployment

Suitable for organizations and agencies that wish to deploy high assurance identity programs and doesn’t wish to endure capital outlay costs of its own physical infrastructure. By utilizing NextgenID’s rapidly growing partner networks of commercially deployed identity stations across the United States and the globe.
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NextgenID expands leadership team with top industry talent - Adding Jason Addis as Vice President of Client Success

January 03, 2023/FAIRFAX, VA
NextgenID, Inc., a leading provider of trusted identity solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Jason Addis as their Vice President, Client Success for the Federal market. With his invaluable 10 years of service with the U.S Navy, roles held at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ServiceNow, and various ...

NextgenID Awarded Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP) Patent in Canada

December 13, 2022/FAIRFAX, VA
NextgenID Inc, a company specializing in biometric enrollment and high assurance (IAL-3) identity proofing, announces today that The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has issued patents related to its Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP) software for multi-biometric enrollment and verification...

NextgenID Hires Greg Stegall as Vice President of Product

October 06, 2022/WASHINGTON, DC
NextgenID, an identity-proofing, credential management, and e-government services company providing patented Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP), welcomes Greg Stegall as Vice President of Product. Greg Stegall previously served as Director of Product Management at a world-leading identity technology company and has over 15...


NextgenID is actively working to explore new opportunities and form new alliances that expand its reach within new markets.


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