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The Network Power
Multiple Tenants, Multiple Workflows, Single Portal

NextgenID’s high-powered software is designed to accelerate solution deployment while maintaining the highest security and compliance standards. Abstracting the low-level drivers, our web-service’s interface is highly customizable and adapts easily to user-defined workflows.

Identity Starts Here™
Multiple tenants streaming multiple workflows to a single portal

From our deep understanding of identity lifecycle, and to truly deliver a 360° identity experience, we designed our software to support out-of-the-box, multiple workflows from the identity platform tenant. By maximizing the utilization of the identity portals network, the platform supports multiple tenants, each with their own multiple workflows and securely streamed to the same identity portal.

Secure Environment
Multiple Identity Workflows

NextgenID’s solution transform identity enrollment, credentialing, and management. The all-in-one identity portals delivers automation, speed, trust, and security for capturing the personal biometrics and information mandated for federal smart card credential enrollment. The complementary SRIP technology provides everything needed to remotely support and manage the complete proofing process as if there in person. From any location, operators can see, talk with, and guide the user through any Identity Assurance Level (IAL1, IAL2 and IAL3) proofing process.

Shared Managed Services

Ideal for agencies and organizations that prefer not to invest in the infrastructure and resources necessary to implement and manage a large-scale program on their own administrative and infrastructure cost savings and efficiencies over multiple clients.

Dedicated Managed services

For customers that require physical separation and their own platform but managed by NextgenID operations personnel.

Turnkey on Premise

NextgenID expertise to establish a working platform that ensures compliance and operations. Customer’s worry about operations and not how to build a compliant solution.

as a Service

Suitable for organizations and agencies that which to deploy high assurance identity programs and doesn’t wish to endure capital outlay costs of its own physical infrastructure. By utilizing NextgenID’s Identity as a Service, a tenant may access the NextgenID’s rapidly growing partners network of commercial deployed Identity portals. This gives tenants rapid deployment of their identity programs with zero up front cost.

Rapid Onboarding

Deploy your Identity platform using high-powered web-service platform that allows your identity workflow to use the biometric and biographical captures as an abstraction layer on one of the industry’s most secure identity platforms.

Frictionless Deployment

Save the heavy toll of capital outlay associated with infrastructure deployment and take advantage of NextgenID’s rapidly growing partners network of identity portals. NextgenID’s IDaaS is offered through cost efficient transactional model that saves our clients a factor of 1 to 10.

Compliant Environment

NextgenID’s Trusted Identity Platform and our catalogue of hardware and software was designed around 12 patents and is in compliance with NIST SP800-63-3 for Identity Assurance Level 3 (IAL3) identity enrollment and proofing over remote supervised operation.
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Thought Leaders Influencing Regulations
NextgenID’s identity software platform is a Federal government certified and approved platform that meets applicable Federal PKI standards and requirements.

NIST Standards – Primary Lead for NIST adoption of Virtual In-Person Proofing (VIP), a standard change for how identity enrollment is performed.

01  Federal Bridge Certified Certification Authority Issuer of low (commercial) to high assurance (PIV-I) certificates

02  Federal Government certified credential issuer/provider government services Administration (GSA) registered and certified, issuer of PIV-I credentials
03  Hosting - Department of the Treasury Authorization to Operate (ATO), NextgenID Certificate and Credentialing Managed Service Facility

04   3-year effort - Reference model and subject matter experts to NIST. NIST SP 800-63-3 and federal and common policies adoption and approval

Benefits and Values

We focus on improving the efficiency, speed, and security of mission-critical identity enrollment and credentialing operations. Our technologies are engineered to dramatically reduce the time and cost of capturing accurate data when creating a high-assurance digital identity.

High Assurance

End-to-end trusted Identity Assurance Level 3 (IAL-3) customizable identity solutions.

High end security

Hardware and location monitoring, full encryption capabilities, zero data store on location.

Patented Technology

Our catalog of hardware portals and software platforms is built on 12 issued patents.

Custom Solutions

Comprehensive, customizable, extensible, standards-compliant, and future-proof technologies.

Rapid Onboarding

Web-services for rapid deployment of Identity, Authentication, and 3rd-party services.

Efficient Deployment

Reduce operational expenses, centralize key functions, capitalize on PKI infrastructure, share services.

How to Buy
Tailored Procurement

NextgenID offers multiple models for the use and deployment of its Trusted Identity Platform. Whether you need our full suite of products and services or a customized subset that matches your identity requirements, NextgenID offers procurement models that are tailored to each individual customer.

Private Deployment

Suitable for organizations and agencies that wish to deploy high assurance identity programs within a closed environment, whether it’s on premise or cloud deployment in private or public locations. NextgenID offers its solution in part or as a full suite.

Shared Deployment

Suitable for organizations and agencies that wish to deploy high assurance identity programs and doesn’t wish to endure capital outlay costs of its own physical infrastructure. By utilizing NextgenID’s rapidly growing partner networks of commercially deployed identity portals across the United States and the globe.
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NextgenID Showcases Flagship Identity Portal and Remote Proofing Technology As First Step In Bringing Their Solutions to Africa

December 22, 2020/Washington DC
NextgenID, a technology leader in trusted identity solutions, joined notable exhibitors at ID4Africa on December 8-10 and presented their patent-pending Supervised Remote Identity Proofing Technology. This marks NextgenID’s first step in its go-to-market strategy for the African region and a significant expansion ...

Perspecta Inc and NextgenID Team Up to Unveil a New Level of Remote Identity Proofing Technology at TechNet Cyber 2020

December 10, 2020/Washington DC
Perspecta Inc and NextgenID Team Up to Unveil a New Level of Remote Identity Proofing Technology at TechNet Cyber 2020. Partners Perspecta and NextgenID change the game delivering new capabilities in identity proofing, presenting solution to government identity security leaders...

Perspecta Announces A Strategic Partnership With NextgenID To Pioneer Remote Identity Verification Solution

September 24, 2020/Washington DC
Perspecta Inc., a renowned U.S. government services provider, announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with NextgenID to develop an identity proofing solution to remotely assess and verify the identity of individuals who apply for credentials to gain physical and network access to government facilities...


NextgenID operates a global partner network of systems integrators and service providers that enables it to provide services throughout the globe. NextgenID currently offers services within the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

NextgenID is actively working to explore new opportunities and form new alliances that expand its reach within new markets.


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