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National Identity Market
High Assurance Identity Enrollment & Proofing

Through automated, proctored, assisted, or supervised remote operations, identity solutions address national identity program enrollment, credentialing, and issuance. The goal of NextgenID solutions is to modernize existing national identity programs, collect biographical and biometric data, integrate with existing infrastructures, and share services.

A National Identity must be created with high assurance, be rooted in law, regulation, policy, and procedure, and be hybrid in nature (i.e., have a physical and mobile form factor) to allow for maximum usefulness in transactions between government, business, and citizens in both online and offline environments.

Offering Citizens
High Assurance Digital Identity

Citizens with high assurance identities enrolled in a robust Digital National Identity program may be able to perform most of their citizen services through a secure government application. When a physical presence is used as the default system, citizens must visit government facilities to obtain services. Many government facilities have closed under the "New Normal," and there are massive backlogs. Governments can continue to provide citizen services while adhering to social distancing by using NextgenID Self-Service Identity Stations and Supervised Remote-Identity Proofing (SRIP).

NextgenID Solutions
Platform Value

Our solutions enable the creation of various verified credentials and form factors, such as smartcards, tokens, and identity binding to a smartphone. After high assurance identity proofing, the identity is securely written to a token or bound to the smartphone device. Once completed, a mobile device's secondary credential, token, or derived credential expands identity proofing and verification flexibility and functional capabilities across a broader range of application use areas and government and commercial systems.

Efficient Identity Proofing

The physical form factor should be a physical smartcard that can be used to access the National Identity in both physical and online environments. In addition, the chipset enables increased security by storing certificates, keys, biometrics, and other data that can be used to identify and authenticate the ID holder with high assurance in both online and offline environments.

Success criteria

Government and commercial applications and systems that rely on the National ID infrastructure depend on the government's public support and enablement. The newly deployed, enhanced National ID will be more widely adopted and used if all government agencies and key commercial partners, such as those in the financial and other commercial markets, are linked.
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NextgenID Solutions
How it Works

NextgenID solutions offer in-person, self-service, and remote identity proofing at the highest assurance level. Our platform enables and accelerates enrollment onto a single government app. Governments, commercial companies, and other organizations can use the platform to verify the identities of their high assurance level citizens or customers.

High Assurance Identity

•   NextgenID Identity Stations provide high-assurance identity enrollment.
•   Multiple biometric modalities are collected based on government requirements.
•   Enrollment via Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP).

Identity usability

•   The government application allows government and commercial relying parties to use high-assurance identities
•   A dynamic API that allows third parties to gain access to citizens' identities in exchange for transactional fees paid to the government
•   The government could be a source for vetting citizens' biographical and biometric data.

Digital Credential

•   Assigning high assurance security certificates to citizens
•   Certificate may be used for digitally signing transactions

Smartphone Binding

•   Cryptographically binding identity to citizen's smartphone via app
•   Enabling access to government mobile application

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What can be Done

By deploying the NextgenID solution, governments will be able to integrate existing systems while also providing citizens with self-service identity stations. Using NextgenID's proprietary SRIP technology, the stations allow for the collection of additional biometrics at the highest level of assurance. Using the digitally derived credentials linked to citizens' smartphones, governments can increase their ROI while also expanding e-government services to citizens. Additionally, by providing proofing services to relying parties, governments will be able to generate new revenue streams (government, commercial, and international).


•   Provides biometric watch-list checks.
•   Offers additional surveillance capabilities.
•   High value service for citizens.
•   New transaction-based revenue stream.
•   Significant cost reduction.
•   Increase ROI of existing citizens' database.


•   Easy self-enrollment operations.
•   Wide range of self-services based on trusted identity.
•   Private and self-enabled mobile app
•   Access ID locally and internationally.

Identity Usage

•   High assurance identity access.
•   Significant cost reduction on proofing and proofing operations.
•   Ability to offer more services on the same infrastructure.

High Assurance
Identity Enrollment & Proofing

How does the SRIP enrollment work? The enrollee uses an unmanned identity station to interact with a remote in-person proofing operator via a secure two-way audio and video connection to capture the required identity information and biometrics. The enrollee has minimal contact with the station. Whether across the room, at their home office, or in a facility in the next state, an agent remotely guides the enrollee through the steps from a safe distance. SRIP offers the ideal combination of convenience and ease of use.

Supervised Remote-Identity Proofing in Three Easy Steps

01  Enrollees interact with an unmanned or manned, all-in-one identity station to capture required identity information and biometrics

02  Engagement with the station requires minimal contact; sanitized wipes are provided to clean keyboard, screen and fingerprint scanner equipment between uses
03  Operators remotely guide enrollees though the process and operate the station

Benefits and Values

We modernize, improve, and deliver digital credentials faster, accurately, and more securely than legacy methods. Our technologies are engineered to dramatically reduce the time and cost of capturing accurate data when creating a high-assurance digital identity.

High Assurance

End-to-end trusted Identity Assurance Levels 1-3 (IAL1 IAL2 IAL3) customizable identity solutions.

High-end security

Hardware and location monitoring, full encryption capabilities, zero data stored on location.

Patented Technology

Our catalog of hardware stations and software platforms is built on 18 issued patents.

Custom Solutions

Comprehensive, customizable, extensible, standards-compliant, and future-proof technologies.

Rapid Onboarding

Web services for rapid deployment of Identity, Authentication, and 3rd-party services.

Efficient Deployment

Reduce operational expenses, centralize critical functions, capitalize on public key infrastructure, share services.

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