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Perspecta Inc and NextgenID Team Up to Unveil a New Level of Remote Identity Proofing Technology at TechNet Cyber 2020

Partners Perspecta and NextgenID change the game delivering new capabilities in identity proofing, presenting solution to government identity security leaders

WASHINGTON, December 10, 2020

Perspecta Inc, a leading U.S. government services provider and NextgenID, a technology leader in high-assurance identity proofing and credentialing solutions, joined forces to unveil the next generation of remote identity proofing technology to government identity security leaders at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, (AFCEA) International’s TechNet Cyber 2020, held December 1-3, 2020. NextgenID’s patent-pending identity solution breakthrough, Supervised Remote In-person Proofing (SRIP), allows remote management of the complete proofing process, with off-site operators guiding the user via live audio and video to validate all required information.

TechNet Cyber is a forum for military, industry and academia to discuss and plan how to achieve persistent engagement, presence and innovation. NextgenID and Perspecta hosted sessions at this event to showcase their combined solution to security leaders and display the new standard for remote identity proofing in federal government agencies. NextgenID’s patent protected technology includes a new and enhanced identity enrollment portal. This flagship product, in conjunction with SRIP, addresses the heightened risk of in-person interactions during the pandemic by transforming the process to be entirely remote.

“Our exciting partnership with Perspecta enables collaboration throughout government and military establishments to deliver the highest levels of identity assurance enrollment while maintaining privacy and security.” Says Mohab Murrar, CEO of NextgenID. “The TechNet Cyber 2020 event provided an exceptionally well-targeted opportunity to expand awareness of our advanced identity solutions, especially our SRIP technology, and introduce next generation identity solutions to government and military thought leaders,” continued Mohab Murrar.

Perspecta announced the new relationship with NextgenID in September, highlighting the development of an identity proofing solution to remotely assess and verify the identity of credential applicants to grant physical and network access to government facilities. This partnership combines Perspecta’s architecture, integration and operations expertise with NextgenID’s hardware and identity software.

“The traditional, in-person proofing process for validating identity, accepting documents, verifying their authenticity and issuing credentials is time-consuming both for the government and applicants,” said Jeff Bohling, senior vice president and general manager of Perspecta’s defense group. “Our partnership with NextgenID will provide our federal customers with an innovative, yet fully compliant approach to local and remote identity management that maintains security while simplifying the process.”

Find out more about NextgenID’s SRIP technology and flagship Identity Portals on the company website or call (703) 429-8525 for more information on the future of identity.

About NextgenID
NextgenID is a technology innovator, improving the delivery, adoption and use of end-to-end trusted identity and authentication solutions to government and commercial sectors. NextgenID has created transformational identity technologies and built disruptive solutions that take advantage of its nine issued patents. A catalog of patented hardware and software platform accelerators deliver customizable, extensible, standards-compliant and future proof enrollment, proofing, issuance, credentialing, visitor and access management. From the breadth of its transformational technologies, NextgenID creates trusted identity solutions customized by industry. NextgenID is a major contributor to the NIST SP 800-63-3 for high assurance (IAL3) which is now an industry standard. With NextgenID’s products and services, federal agencies save on operational expenses, centralize key functions and adapt to comply with COVID-19-related restrictions. For more information, visit

About Perspecta Inc.
At Perspecta (NYSE: PRSP), we question, we seek and we solve. Perspecta brings a diverse set of capabilities to our U.S. government customers in defense, intelligence, civilian, health care and state and local markets. Our 280+ issued, licensed and pending patents are more than just pieces of paper, they tell the story of our innovation. With offerings in mission services, digital transformation and enterprise operations, our team of nearly 14,000 engineers, analysts, investigators and architects work tirelessly to not only execute the mission, but build and support the backbone that enables it. Perspecta was formed to take on big challenges. We are an engine for growth and success and we enable our customers to build a better nation. For more information about Perspecta, visit

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