as a Service

Managed service offerings for identity management and certified credentialing

Transforming Identity Management

NextgenID also delivers its ID*Capture® products and services as an end to end managed service. The managed service offering is ideal for agencies and organizations that prefer not to invest in the infrastructure and resources necessary to implement and manage a large scale program on their own. By sharing the infrastructure and administrative costs over multiple clients, NextgenID is able to offer cost savings and efficiencies unmatched in the marketplace.

Multiple Workflows

By using NGID*Trust Platform, you will be able to federate multiple workflows based on your requirements through the same ID*Capture Kiosk. The tenants are able to control the federated workflow based on the enrollees on screen operation.

Multiple Tenants

The NGID*Trust Platform creates complete separation of data, and does not allow user data to be stored on the ID*Capture Kiosk; in turn allow for multiple tenants to federal their workflows based on the enrollees request.

Operator of the largest statewide PIV-I implementation

NextgenID has emerged as the leading innovator in the managed service model by implementing its ID*Capture® Identity System in West Virginia successfully performing and managing all aspects of the State’s PIV-I credentialing system from enrollment, using the innovative ID*Capture® Kiosk, to issuing certificates from the NextgenID Certificate Authority, to centralized printing and hosting at the NextgenID facility in Herndon, Virginia.

With the infrastructure, program office, certificate authority, and secure hosting facility in place, NextgenID is able to implement managed credential programs for new customers efficiently and within very short time periods. Follow on customers reap the benefits of other currently implemented programs’ policies , procedures, technical infrastructure and performing personnel.

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