ID*Capture® Kiosk

Identity enrollment at all levels of assurance (IAL1, IAL2, and IAL3) meeting NIST SP800-63-3 requirements and supporting multiple programs.

Transforming Enrolment and Credentialing

The NextgenID ID*Capture® Kiosk is a highly automated, wizard driven enrollment and authentication kiosk specifically designed for the secure capture of multiple biometrics and associated personal identity information. The Kiosk was designed and engineered to be the most sophisticated and feature rich kiosk in the world for all levels of identity assurance proofing and customer service use.

The ID*Capture® Kiosk delivers unmatched speed in enrollments without compromising accuracy in its capture of biometrics, documents, and input data. Security is built in to the physical footprint of the kiosk in addition to the enrollment software platform and interface.

Our Kiosk has a highly secured, compact footprint that enables placement in locations unusable by traditional technology. No longer are desks, chairs and a locked office required to secure enrollment equipment.

Unique among enrollment offerings is the ability of the ID*Capture® Kiosk to be a shared resource, hosting multiple identity related programs from multiple customer organizations. When used as a shared resource, each application maintains its own unique workflow and all data is protected and transmitted only to the specific destinations for that application.

A major feature of the NextgenID ID*Capture® Kiosk is its ability to automatically raise and lower itself to the appropriate height of the applicant facilitating the accurate capture of biometrics. The Kiosk is designed to be comfortable for applicants with heights ranging from a wheelchair to seven feet tall.

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Multi-Program deployment redefines the business of enrollment

The NextgenID ID*Capture® Kiosk is multi-program ready by design, capable of hosting any number of customers or issuer front-end client workflows. Capitalizing on this can be a game changer for reducing the enrollment costs and total cost of ownership. ID*Capture® Kiosks in shared government facilities, post offices, or even shopping malls can enable any number of enrollment types as a shared resource and shared expense. These include all identity assurance levels appropriate for such applications as HSPD-12 credentials, Passport and Visa issuance, university IDs, driver’s licenses, public assistance credentials and many others.

Key features of the ID*Capture® Kiosk

Specified by NIST in its SP 800-63-3 standard, the ID*Capture® Kiosk and its Supervised Remote In-person Proofing™ (SRIP) process is a cornerstone of future government and enterprise enrollment efforts.

Enroll multiple biometric modalities

Capture facial image, fingerprints, iris and signature biometrics and confirm that the captured images comply with applicable quality criteria and standards

Capture and verify breeder documents

Capture and automatically check validity of an array of breeder documents, including contact or contactless cards, passports, and both letter and legal size paper documents

Confirm identity via remote data sources

Access linked biographical data stored on remote databases and automatically confirm and verify identity information

Encrypt and protect personal data

Immediately encrypt all personally identifiable information (PII) captured during enrollment and provide a complete chain of trust from the point of capture through delivery to the subscribing agency

Build efficiencies via multi-program architecture

Support credential enrollments for multiple customers/issuers in the same kiosk to create efficiencies as upfront and operational costs are shared across the network of organizations

Deliver robust IAL3 supervised remote video proofing

Incorporates the only IAL3 video proofing capability in the enrollment market today to perform compliant enrollments of applicants remotely, minimizing on‐site staffing needs while significantly reducing the time and cost to enroll

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