Supervised Remote
In-person Proofing

Solutions specially designed for IAL3 proofing applications within a remote environment, without compromising social distancing. It is a solution that significantly lowers operational expenses and protects lives.

Supervised Remote In-person Proofing

Deploying remote capabilities allows for significant reduction of required staffing that translates into greatly reducing operational budgets. It additionally provides benefits such as expanded language offerings, extended hours of operation and increased throughput with reduced wait times. The remote operator experience includes:

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Unmanned Kiosk

Enrollees interact with an unmanned and properly configured kiosk to interact and capture required enrollee data. The kiosk may be adapted with multiple workflows based on request

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Hygienic Interaction

Engaging with the kiosk requires minimal contact; sanitized wipes are provided to clean keyboard, mouse and fingerprint scanner equipment between uses, minimizing cross contamination

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Remotely Operated

Operators remotely guide enrollee though the process and operate the kiosk. Operators remain at a safe distance whether across the room, in the next office or anywhere else in the world

Will SRIP work with existing capture software and systems?

SRIP works in conjunction with enrollment applications. The NextgenID ID*Capture® Kiosk has a robust and leading edge IAL3/FIPS201 enrollment application that collects all required data and submits to an existing Web Service endpoint.

If you have an existing system – the use of SRIP does not change the way an existing system processes enrollment today.

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NIST SP800-63A, June 2017 Defines Supervised Remote In-Person Proofing for IAL2 and IAL3

Common Policy Framework Certificate Policy – Change Proposal 2018-06 – Add Supervised Remote Identity Proofing and Other Guidance as Defined by NIST SP 800-63-3 was approved August 28, 2018

Federal Bridge Certificate Policy – Change Proposal 2018-06 – Add Requirements to include Supervised Remote Identity Proofing and Other Guidance as Defined by NIST SP 800-63-3 was approved August 28, 2018

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Supervised Remote In-person Proofing

And how utilizing NextgenID’s patented technology and solutions, to continue to perform all levels of identity assurance and enrollment functions, including high assurance (IAL3) proofing without compromising social distancing.

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Extra Benefits


Allows for more manageable renewal and modification update training

Call centers

Centralized and/or strategically distributed call centers

Language needs

Support multiple languages to address customer needs in a cost effective manner


Program delivery professionalism and customer experience

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