Secure Mobile
Elections Voting

Secure BYOD, Mobile Enabled Election Voting. Solidly built upon high assurance Supervised Remote In-Person Identity Proofing. A use case based on NextgenID's technology, with voter identity binding to mobile devices.

Absentee and Mail-in Ballots

One of the most controversial topics on most Americans minds is addressing the authenticity of Mail-in and Absentee ballots for the up-coming presidential elections. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis accelerating needs; the Lack of defined best practices; the potential fraudulent ballots inherit in system; the mail-in ballots are, by definition, not tamper proof; additionally the mail-in ballots require days, if not weeks, to be tallied and recounts are cumbersome.

The legacy process could use a make-over

Aside from fraudulent concerns arising from voter verification and validation; and the authenticity of the voting ballot; The current absentee and mail-in voting process is not at its best. The ballots require days if not weeks to be tallied, recounts are cumbersome, and the adds even more time to an already long process.

To Address this Challenge

We need to address how to verify the identity of the voter, assure the authenticity off the ballot and create a tamper resistant process that allows us to detect fraud. All while protecting the privacy of the voter, expediting the voting process, facilitate ballots tally and recounts.

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The Solution

Bringing voting directly to the people with registered mobiles

Using NextgenID proprietary identity technologies to facilitate high assurance level voter enrollment and bind their smart phone to their identity.

Touchless Enrollment & Proofing

NextgenID’s Supervised In-Person Device Registration allows the registration and verification of a voter and a smart phone for voting. The enrollment process is touchless and operation is performed through a remote operator on a kiosk placed in reputable locations such as US post office, US embassies, and federal buildings.

Voter Enrollment

Using a citizen’s trusted identity documents including RealID, Driver’s license, passport, or any state’s voter registration requirements, a voter will be able to enroll into the system. Identity and voter registration proofing combines these credentials to form a cryptographically secure identity

Device Binding

Using our Mobile Voting Application, downloaded on the voters’ device, the voters can bind their device with their registered identity through a QR code scanned by the peripherals on the ID*Capture Kiosk

Supervised In-Person Device Registration

How It Works

The Voter makes an appointment for a kiosk online, by phone, or walk-in. The Voter is prompted to provide validation information. (Voter registration card, Driver’s license, passport, or utility bill). The operator connects to the kiosk from any location, where a visual verification of the environment, user, and documents is performed, similar to what is done today at your polling centers. Once the Voters are register and verified, they may enroll their device.

To register their smart phone, they would download NextgenID’s Voting application. The app would put the phone into enrollment mode (ie. Showing a QR code) They would hold the phone near their face and we would take a still shot that includes their face and the phone showing the QR code. Once that is completed, the system will identify the QR code, register the device with the user as their official voting device and allow them to vote in future elections using the system.

NextgenID Mobile Voting Application

Participating in the Democratic Process Safely

The Mobile Voting Application is securely host, protected by a Web Application Firewall. The Voter verification service is in complete isolation from the ballot tally system; giving voters complete anonymity.

Verifying application integrity

Before allowing the voter to cast their ballots, the system verifies the integrity of the Mobile Voting Application.

Verifying the
Vote Ballot

The system validates the integrity of the ballot and the associated vote.


The voter’s identity is never linked to the voting ballot, where each is giving a separate certificate and encryption keys.

Secure Repeatable Tally

Allow us to address suspected fraudulent activity, and perform recounts on the fly.

High Value Benefits

States using NextgenID’s Touch-less Enrollment and Proofing with NextgenID’s Mobile Voting Application will protect voters, ensure the continuation of the democratic process, mitigate fraud and helps states reduce costs.

Protect voters and polling centers from he health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic
Expand voter ability to participate in the democratic process
ADA compliant voter registration
Eliminate potential voter fraud through tamper protection and detection
Proposed solution significantly reduces the costs of validation, auditing and counting votes, provides for secure, instant voting

Value added Benefits

Capitalizing on the solution potential

Supports all Federal, State and Local government voter environments

Ability to subsidize the system rollout budget through add-ons services, while voting remaining at no cost to voters

Access to other government services such as in-person utility payments, Driver’s license verification, Mobile Driver’s License, PIV, CAC, and other types of verification

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